“The hidden expenses of cheap aerosol production equipment”

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Urszula Rosinska, sales director at ZIGLER POLSKA, highlights the importance of intelligent investment.
In the world of manufacturing, the allure of low-priced equipment can be tempting. However, the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn't be more apt, especially when it comes to aerosol production machinery.
While the initial cost may seem like a bargain, the long-term expenses associated with sub-par equipment can far outweigh any perceived savings. From frequent service interruptions to safety hazards, the true cost of cheap aerosol production equipment extends far beyond its price tag.
Initial savings, long-term losses
For many businesses, the decision to invest in inexpensive aerosol production equipment is driven by the desire to minimise upfront costs. However, the initial savings often prove to be short-lived.
Low-quality machinery typically requires more frequent maintenance and replacement of spare parts, driving up operational expenses over time. Moreover, the inefficiencies inherent in such equipment result in decreased productivity and lost revenue opportunities.
Cost of spare parts and...

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