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The evolution of reprographics

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World Aerosols caught up with Ball's European reprographics manager, Paul Nicol, to discuss the evolution of printing, design, and sustainability.

Could you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your background?

After leaving school in 1982, I trained initially as an engineer, but after this decided to go into print as my father was setting up his own business of producing a local community newspaper. Both my younger brother and I went into the family business with my father to help to get it up and running successfully. As you can appreciate with a small company, we all had many roles within the newspaper production, page setting, design, photography, journalism, lithographic printing, and machine maintenance - to name a few. But my favourite by far was the design and printing aspect. In 1988 I started in the packaging industry as a flexographic printer, working mainly on carton board, corrugated and plastic film printing. During my time in that industry, I moved up into the print and design management side of things. This was a fantastic opportunity for me as it gave me a little more freedom to develop my skills and...

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