The evolution of bag-on-valve

Jim McBride, CEO and co-founder of MBC Aerosol, discusses the evolution of bag-on-valve systems and future innovation

Bag-on-valve (BoV) technology has revolutionised the aerosol industry. Offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional aerosols, BoV swept through the sector, providing greater opportunities for innovation in design and product use. World Aerosols spoke to Jim McBride, CEO of US-based MBC Aerosol, to find out more about how BoV evolved and what is next in terms of aerosol innovation.

Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your role at MBC Aerosol?

I started working in the aerosols industry during my junior year of high school back in 1986 through a cooperative education programme, where I joined an apprenticeship, which consisted of hands-on machining, welding, painting and fabrication for an equipment manufacturer in the aerosol industry. I stayed with that company for 20 years, moving between several departments including assembly, field service, research and development, production control and eventually taking the position of shop supervisor. I took a break from the...

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