The European Plastics Pact – what does it mean for the aerosol industry?

Kinza Sutton, head of public affairs and sustainability at Plastipak Europe, explains how the European Plastics Pact could affect the aerosol sector

Earlier this year on 6 March, 15 governments with NGOs, companies and business associations joined and launched the European Plastics Pact – a public-private coalition that aims to avoid plastic waste and bring all actors in the value chain together. This includes all stages of the plastics lifecycle, right through from the production of raw materials to conversion, distribution, use, and end of life.

The Pact is complementary to other existing initiatives, including the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the European Commission’s Circular Plastics Alliance and the national Plastics Pact in countries such as the UK, France and the Netherlands. These for key objectives of the European Plastics Pact must be met by 2025:

  • All plastic packaging and single-use plastic products are to be reusable or recyclable

  • Move to a more responsible use of plastics, reducing the use of virgin plastic products...

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