The diffusion-proof system, multi-purpose and spraying at all angles

The market for two-chamber pressure packs is a large one and is primarily dominated by bag on valve systems, consisting of a can and a laminated bag, which is mounted directly on the valve. The Nussbaum Can-in-Can system replaces the bag with a very thin aluminium pouch, comparable in its characteristics with an aluminium tube, which is firmly connected to the outer can.

The system ensures the absolute separation of the product and the propellant, providing the most effective diffusion barrier of all comparable systems. The big advantage is that the product may be filled through the one-inch opening, which makes it ideal for high-viscose substances like silicones, pastes and greases, which hardly pass through common valves. Furthermore, it may be used upside down and at any angle, ensuring an easy application in areas difficult to be reached.

The gassing of the pressure pack is very simple and is done through the hole in the outer-can bottom, or by needle gassing through the rubber plug that can be pre-inserted in the bottom of the can on request. The one-inch opening fits all common valves and actuator systems, and standard propellants are compatible...

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