Strain of the supply chain

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Gun Saharat, assistant general manager at CyberPAX, spoke to World Aerosols about the company and its processes, its Covid recovery and the current challenges facing the industry.
Can you tell me about CyberPAX, what it does, and its journey so far?
“CyberPAX Group, a leading aerosol contract manufacturer in Thailand, was established in 1958 under the name MT Manufacturing. We started with a single hand-operated aerosol filling machine, and our commitment to providing the best services has made us the premier aerosol contract manufacturer in the region.
“In 1993, we started our quest to become the global player we are today. Ten years later, CyberPAX was established to drive the growth of the company in the region and meet the needs of our multinational customers worldwide. Our mission is to be the most trusted company that helps our customers maximise their success."
Which country’s market are you most dominant in, and why?
“The dominant countries are Thailand and other South East Asian countries. Most of the countries are located in the tropical climate zone with temperatures above 25...

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