Storming the actuator market

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Alexandre Basson, PRECISION’s group marketing, strategy & business development director, spoke exclusively to World Aerosols to give more insight into the company’s SMART 35 and STYLISH 52 actuators announced at ADF Paris 2023.
During ADF 2023, part of Paris Packaging Week, aerosol valve and actuator leader PRECISION announced the launch of two radically innovative actuators - SMART 35 and STYLISH 52 – powered by the disruptive STORM® Technology.
These are the first actuators to utilise this technology. They negate the need for the insert whilst retaining excellent spray quality. SMART 35 and STYLISH 52 are also afforded "radical designs" – with one piece and no insert, they are extremely light and feature no overcap.
“It all started with a simple observation,” Basson said. “Protecting the planet today is expensive, too expensive. Is it normal that wanting to consumer ‘greener’ products is almost systematically synonymous with additional costs?”
He was not just referring to aerosols, but products central to everyday life – organic food, electric/hybrid cars, low-energy appliances. Governments have, or soon...

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