Springfield Solutions to expand capacity following ‘healthy growth’

Digital packaging company Springfield Solutions is expanding its capacity as part of its largest investment to date.

Project 21, announced by the UK firm on 18 June, will see Springfield investing in new space, equipment and team members to sustain its growth.

Firstly, the company is expanding in capacity, doubling the size of its logistics warehouse and raw material stocks. The new units, which are adjacent to its existing warehouse, make up a total of 4,000 square feet, giving it a combined total of 8,000 square feet. The new space will be operational from June onwards.

Springfield, which also produces labelling for aerosol products, has seen ‘healthy growth’ over the past year in its printing department, printing over 187 million labels in 2020. This led the firm to assess how it can continue to grow its output and increase the capacity of its digital print facility.

In light of this growth, Springfield is purchasing the L350+LM printing press from Screen, taking the total number of digital presses on-site to five. This new press will be supported by the arrival of a new ABG Digicon series 3 to run in-line from November this year. The company will also be in discussions with Screen regarding its next-generation press and hopes to deliver another ‘world-first’. Springfield is also installing a new SRI from AB Graphics, due to be installed imminently.

To support the increased capacity, Springfield has created over 12 new positions this year, with the potential to expand further. So far, it has filled seven positions, including additions to its marketing, print, and brand management teams.

“At the end of 2018, we set out to plan on how we intended to grow the business,” said Matt Dass, joint managing director of Springfield.

“Following investment in new buildings, equipment and people in 2016 and 2017, we knew the time was right to start telling people about how we create digital packaging assets for the way we live today and the way we will live tomorrow.

“The business has seen double-digit growth in every year since our plans in 2018. Now it is time to set out our new plan. Project 21 will see the largest investment in people, equipment, and buildings that the business has ever made, and I’m thrilled to be part of a team who will deliver the next chapter in the history of Springfield.”

Springfield’s founder, Albert Dass, commented: “We started the process of becoming a digitally-focused business in 1996 after attending a meeting in which Benny Landa explained his vision for the future with his famous quote, ‘what can be digital, will be digital’. How true did that turn out to be!

“Also, how this has happened within our business, from concept through to design, artwork, reprographics, print, media, these processes are now all digital and, more importantly, connected.

“While it is difficult to keep up with the development in each area, it is very exciting. At Springfield, we are constantly learning new things and enjoying the challenges. Our aim is to supply our customers with high-quality products on time and in full, with a competitive edge for their products.”

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