Soudal launches new aerosol cleaners

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Soudal introduces two new aerosol cleaners into the professional cleaning range. The comprehensive range includes products for cleaning hands, tools, and substrates such as glass and PVCu. The new Glass & Mirror Foam Cleaner and PVC Spray Cleaner are the company’s latest additions, both ideal for commercial and general use with their high performance, professional-quality finish and ability to remove even the toughest of dirt.

Both cleaners are fast-acting, non-smearing and perfumed to leave no unpleasant chemical odour.


PVC Spray Cleaner is a highly effective, fast-acting, safe to use, aerosol cleaning agent suitable for removing ingrained dirt and marks on PVC frames and other plastics. The aerosol packaging allows for effortless high performance cleaning in just a few seconds.

It is:

  • Fast acting

  • Fast drying

  • Ready to use (no mixing required)

  • Non-smearing



Glass & Mirror Foam Cleaner is a highly effective, fast-acting, active foaming cleaning agent suitable for removing dirt, grease, finger marks, residue and light resins from most types of glass surfaces and mirrors. It effortlessly cleans without leaving any streaks thanks to the active foam technology. It is also ideally suited for vertical surfaces thanks to the foam’s non-dripping properties.

It’s features include:

  • Active foam technology

  • Spotless, sparkling finish

  • Non-smearing

  • Fast acting

  • Perfumed


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