Silgan Dispensing introduces ErgoShield

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Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the home, health and beauty markets, has announced the launch of ErgoShield™ - an innovative aerosol actuator featuring a spray-thru cap design.
ErgoShield said the modern, simple design combines the protective benefits of an overcap with a natural actuating movement for the user.
ErgoShield features a one-piece design with a pronounced finger pad that provides ample surface area for comfortable use.
The company added that ErgoShield is highly customisable, leveraging Silgan Dispensing’s broad spray portfolio, providing customers with more than 30 different options from which to choose.
“ErgoShield is the next evolution of aerosol dispensing design, representing Silgan Dispensing’s commitment to developing products that create better consumer experiences,” said Stephanie Hawkins, Silgan Dispensing VP marketing.
According to GMI (Global Market Insights), the aerosol industry is experiencing an increased market share in automotive, DIY and personal care industries, fueled by a consumer desire for products that have precise application and ease of use.
In personal care, there are several key drivers that consumers look for in an aerosol product: “Consumer demand for convenience and ease of application is propelling the popularity of aerosol products, offering quick and efficient ways to apply various beauty and personal care formulations.
"Advancements in aerosol technology have led to innovations in packaging designs and product formulations, enhancing both functionality and appeal. Furthermore, the growing focus on sustainability is promoting manufacturers to develop eco-friendly aerosol solutions.”
The sprayer’s design was developed through market research and ergonomic testing. Currently, there are limited options for aerosol dispensers that do not use the traditional push-button and overcap model or the more premium trigger spray design.
Furthering its unique design, ErgoShield is specifically designed to fit on 2-piece cans diameters 205 and 211, making it the first of its kind in the personal care, home and food markets.
“We worked closely with a can-maker to create this product. After reviewing the current market, we saw an opportunity for a spray-through aerosol actuator for 2-piece cans that are more common in North America,” explained Sean Fitzgerald, Silgan Dispensing VP of aerosol sales.
Featuring a seamless design, ErgoShield provides brands with a sustainable option that does not compromise on strength.
Compared to a standard actuator and overcap combination, ErgoShield uses up to 40% less plastic. Plus, it is e-commerce ISTA-6A compliant and able to maintain a 200-pound top load, making shipping safer and more reliable.

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