Serena Williams co-founds spray product

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Tennis superstar Serena Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slams and four Olympic gold medals, is co-founder of Will Perform - which includes a spray product designed for topical pain-relief and muscle-care that is designed for both athletes, as well as daily workouts and everyday usage.
The spray product, WILL Relieve Lidocaine Pain Relief Spray, is made with 4% Lidocaine - which works on nerves to numb pain and provide relief - and a unique botanical blend that includes arnica to support holistic wellness. The company said that the non-sticky, quick-dry formula delivers rapid pain relief. The spray is designed for a hands-free, quick dry application.
Serena Williams said: "I co-founded WILL Perform to help us all to perform our best."
The product is currently exclusively available in the US.


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