Sencon emphasises benefits of line-fed automatic enamel rater checks

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Industrial equipment specialist Sencon has expressed the importance of reducing inefficiencies within a fragile post-pandemic global economy.
Coating problems in two-piece can-making can have major implications on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a can-making plant, according to the firm.
It is not uncommon for plants to hold multiple pallets of finished beverage cans due to issues spotted during quality control production checks. With increases in raw material, energy and personnel costs permeating throughout the post-pandemic world economy, reducing these inefficiencies has definitely moved higher up the agenda, said Sencon. Decreasing the number of pallets that are required to be โ€˜Held for Inspectionโ€™ (HFI) is a key cost reduction action for can-making plants the world over.
There are many potential causes of metal exposure during the drawn and wall ironed (DWI) process. These include poor gun...

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