Secret Deodorant makes a song and dance for equal pay rights

Secret Deodorant has launched a new campaign to support the equal pay of women in the workplace. The Procter & Gamble owned deodorant brand has released a music video, alongside a variety of social media posts, which addresses how women still aren’t getting paid equally to men.

The music video is called “I’d Rather Get Paid” and features well known advocates of equal pay, Sophia Bush, Samira Wiley and Catt Sadler.

Associate Brand Director for Secret, Sara Saunders explained in a press release, “While Secret’s products are expertly designed to protect women against odour and sweat, we believe there are some things women shouldn’t have to sweat – like getting paid what they’re worth.”

She continued, “As a brand for women, we want to build on conversation around closing the wage gap, and give women the strength, tools and inspiration to stop sweating the issue.”

Secret was the first antiperspirant brand specifically designed for women and over the past 60 years it has been designing and producing new deodorants that provide ‘superior’ odour and wetness protection. It is for this reason that Secret feels as though its new campaign can celebrate and support women and how they work.   

The brand has teamed up with organisations Ladies Get Paid and The Wing in order to promote the issue and give women the tools that they can use to work toward pay equality.  

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