Secret Deodorant launches financial literacy resources aiming to support young women

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Secret Deodorant, a Procter & Gamble (P&G) brand, has announced the launch of Secret U - an educational platform that "grants millions of young woman access to financial literacy tools".
Secret teamed up with Boss Women Media, Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, and well-known female financial experts to shed light on the critical need for accessible financial resources and the burden of financial stress, according to P&G.
The newly launched resources build on the brand’s multi-year financial empowerment initiative to help women take control of their financial well-being by removing barriers to achieve financial equity, added the corporation.
The initiative enables women to access foundational resources that were targeted at a younger audience, based on their financial needs and independent financial journeys, P&G went on to say.
Workbooks and videos have been created in collaboration with Marsha Barnes, CEO and founder of The Finance Bar Members Club, with the aim of teaching young women how to transform their money mindset and better understand budget management.
Also available are complimentary subscriptions to Open Path’s Financial Wellness course. This online programme examines how to take control of finances and transform negative spending habits, according to the organisation.
The resource was created by Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, a nonprofit that aims to provide people in need access to transformative and affordable mental health care and education.
“How you think about money drives your decision-making and it directly impacts your ability to reach your financial dreams,” said Marsha Barnes.
“The resources that were co-created with Secret Deodorant provide tips and tricks to help young women feel empowered to take ownership of their financial life in the way that works best for them.”
“Our work in the financial wellness space highlights the need to discuss finances openly, reducing the presence of shame when we can,” said Paul Fugelsang, executive director at Open Path.
“It is encouraging to see Secret use its platform to raise this awareness and provide vital resources. The mental health implications of money and our relationship with it are rarely talked about, and that’s a narrative we would do well to change.”
“Since its inception, Secret has addressed the inequities women face with the hope to help ignite change so that future generations of young girls don’t have to sweat the same obstacles,” said Kate DiCarlo, senior communications director, personal care portfolio, P&G.
“We believe that financial literacy is a critical part of women’s equality, and that when women are financially empowered, they are able to reach their full financial potential.”

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