Sealing the deal

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VARIO-PACK is continuously innovating to offer tailor-made solutions for viscous aerosol products such as adhesives, sealants, and greases.

Founded in 1992, VARIO-PACK Sprühsysteme originally focused on the development of liquids and slightly viscous products in spray cans and non-pressurised pump sprayers.

The ongoing refinement of bottling and processing technologies has opened up new possibilities and shifted the company’s focus, which is now on sealants, adhesives, gels, greases, oils and pastes for the automotive sector, chemistry in building and construction, and household applications.

Today, Vario-Pack is primarily engaged in contract filling for all market-placed two-chamber spray can systems, as well as the development and manufacture of packaging materials. The company supplies ready-for-sale products to industrial, chemical and distribution companies and manufacturers of branded products.

Simplicity of use, tailor-made products, and problem-solving – these are Vario- Pack’s core competencies. The company offers its customers comprehensive support during the creation of a...

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