SC Johnson donates 240,000 repellents to Argentina to counter Dengue outbreak

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In the midst of a Dengue outbreak in Argentina, SC Johnson donated 240,000 OFF! mosquito repellents - brought from SC Johnson Mexico - to help protect people.
Together with Cáritas Argentina the company distributed repellent to underserved communities, in difficult-to-reach areas, highly impacted by Dengue.
"At Caritas Argentina we build alliances that allow us to continue strengthening solidarity to all territories, our reach as an organisation allows us to be present throughout the country, accompanying the integral development of the most vulnerable communities,” said Sofia Zadara, executive director of Caritas Argentina.
“It is a great joy for us today to have a new partnership with SC Johnson to continue working with our teams to prevent further spread of dengue and continue helping the most needed communities."
SC Johnson also coordinated with Asociación Conciencia, who distributed repellent to dozens of schools in the Buenos Aires area.
“Thanks to our field work, together with teachers, families and students, we know that the proliferation of mosquitoes and the risk of contracting dengue, has been severely affecting the school careers of children and adolescents in much of Argentina,” said Silvana V. Vives, president of Asociación Conciencia.
“Therefore, thanks to the alliance between SC Johnson and Conciencia, we are bringing repellents to more than 44,000 families that will be distributed in schools in the Buenos Aires suburbs and the City of Buenos Aires.”
SC Johnson said it appreciates the efforts of Modulo Sanitario, Cempre, Fundación Si, Edupas, and Banco de Alimentos for their efforts in distributing repellent to community centers, churches, small organisations, and people in vulnerable areas.
At points during the Dengue outbreak, demand for OFF! and Fuyí repellents, the leading products in Argentina’s market, saw a peak growth of greater than 300%.
At times, the organisation's plant has produced three times more than usual, with employees working around the clock.


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