Sanctuary Spa wins “New Aerosol of the Year”

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Sanctuary Spa’s mousse-to-oil moisturiser won the New Aerosol of the Year category at the 2023 British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) Awards. Christina Gomes, senior product development manager at Sanctuary Spa, gives World Aerosols insight into the product’s journey to market
Sanctuary Spa’s mousse-to-oil moisturiser is a lightweight foamed mousse that transforms to an oil and melts into the skin. World Aerosols was lucky enough to be able to sample the product, as part of the 2023 BAMA Awards jury, and noted how it is a really exciting innovation. We asked Gomes how the idea came about, and the product’s journey from concept to on-the-shelf status.
“Unique sensorial textures that are transformational are always at the forefront of our product promise,” said Gomes.
“All of Sanctuary Spa’s products aim to add an elevated luxury to your everyday body-care routine. As an NPD [new product development] team we are always on the look-out for exciting new textures and product formats! We knew we wanted to bring a transformational moisturiser to market, and the mousse-to-oil concept was born!”

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