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Samurai 2k Aerosol aims to innovate with automotive aerosol solutions

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Aerosol specialist Samurai 2k Aerosol is a producer of automotive aerosol products, focusing on high-performance coating for the automated refinishing and refurbishment market.

Its 2K-In-a-can Aerosol Spray System is one of the company's most in-demand products, because of the use of hardener and paints in the same product. This two-in-one spray gives the best results, according to Digital Journal.

The firm offers standard paint - which includes a variety of colour aerosol spray products consisting of single-component 1k paints that "eliminate the risk of cracking".

Premium offers enhanced quality finishing and quick drying capability, according to Samurai 2k Aerosol.

The company is a private label manufacturer and delivers aerosol sprays and coating cans to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Phillipines and Singapore. It began its journey in 1997.

A Samurai 2k Aerosol spokesperson said: “We change aerosol, aerosol changes the world. At Samurai 2k (2 parts paint system) we work towards offering value, convenience and performance. With our 2K-In-a-can products, the aim is to continue pursuing such goals but to wider applications in more countries with happier customers."

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