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Michael Pritchard of Pritchard Spray Technology launches VIRUSEND – a new aerosol disinfectant.

Just before lockdown, it dawned on Michael Pritchard, chief inventing officer at Pritchard Spray Technology, that he could utilise his technology to help protect individuals from the pandemic.

The company’s Anyway Spray Technology, an environmentally-friendly container developed to remove 99.99% of the product from the dispenser, provided the foundation for VIRUSEND™ – Pritchard’s new disinfectant spray designed to eliminate SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

Developing VIRUSEND

“Having worked with the British Military before, I had already established some good relationships,” said Pritchard. “I reached out and things moved pretty rapidly from there.”

The British Army conducted multiple tests on the technology and quickly realised how easy it was to use. The company combined the Anyway Spray Technology with a novel disinfectant it had been working on and the rest, Pritchard said, is history.

“The British Army was drawn to its ability...

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