Revised European standard for packaging steel available

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The revised European standard 10202:2022 will also be available in Germany as of July. It sets the standards for “Cold reduced tinmill products - Electrolytic tinplate and electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel” and replaces the previous version from 2001.

Carmen Tschage, company spokeswoman for thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH, Andernach, Germany's only tinplate manufacturer, said: “The revision reflects the current state of the art in the production of packaging steel. We therefore welcome the changes made and believe our customers will benefit from the new standards.”

The new standard in tinplate production
The REACH-compliant Chromium (VI)-free products CFPA (Chromium-free passivation for tin-plate) and TCCT® (special chromium-coated packaging steel, ECCS-RC) have been included in the European standard. Furthermore, additional steel grades have been integrated into the standard. They reflect the trend towards ever harder grades.

Unlike the previous version, the new standard describes exactly how a tensile test must be performed. Tschage said: “This will improve the comparability of steel grades from different manufacturers. But this can also mean that individual temper designations will change. Our customers can rely on the support of our Technical Customer Service team when implementing the revised standard. Over the next few weeks, our experts will approach each customer and discuss the implementation together at their leisure.”

Stating the application purpose now required for orders
Another change concerns the ordering process. According to European standards in the future every customer will be obliged to provide detailed information on the intended use of the ordered steel grade. Explaining the advantage of the new requirement, Tschage said: “This means that our company can define the optimum production process for every application."

The release of European standard 10202:2022 has now almost been completed in all European countries.

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