Rethinking standard caps: integrating functionalities for a more sustainable, durable design

Weener Plastics (WP) is consolidating its positioning as a strong, competent and reliable full service partner for innovative plastic packaging solutions. WP aims to become a leading supplier in aerosol packaging whilst recognising market demand for increasingly convenient, sustainably manufactured products with additional functionality. Thanks to its global production network, WP can serve local as well as global customers.

One-piece spray cap: functional and green

WP’s proprietary Integrated Spray Technology (IST) is a proven concept for spray caps and actuators. The basic idea behind IST is complete integration of conventional spray cap parts into the cap itself. Normally, a Mechanical Breakup Unit (MBU) - the driver for creating a spray - consists of at least two parts. However, with IST, this is entirely conceived and created as a single component. In addition to the standard range of products, customised solutions have been successfully used in markets by global and local brands.

Building high quality tools with interchangeable parts is essential to creating the required spray performance. Shape and dimensioning of the orifice,...

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