Rethink, reuse, and refill

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Aerosol Service Poland presents a new chapter in the packaging for aerosol cans – Refillme.

The world is struggling to cope with the ever-increasing production of disposable plastic products. With the focus firmly on the environment and climate action, businesses all over the world have made sustainability a top priority.

The pressure to act on plastic pollution is widely understood and many organisations are committed to creating a circular economy for waste. Recycling is essential, but it’s only one component. Therefore, the way we use everyday products needs to evolve. The game-changer that everyone is looking for is refillable and reusable products. Such packaging seems like the perfect way to move the industry away from single-use plastics, but it does not come without its challenges.

Consumers are increasingly demanding more eco-friendly packaging, at the same time shifting their preferences to more sophisticated packaging, including higher quality materials and even a personalised look. Innovative reuse models can fit into these trends by delivering functional and better-looking packaging that allows for...

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