Respray looks at sustainability in a new way

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World Aerosols spoke to Gergely Zámbó and Andor Réti, co-founders of Respray Solutions, following the momentous launch of the company’s in-store refilling system in Hungary earlier this year.
Respray provides a refillable spray deodorant solution for already-existing deodorant brands that intend to launch new, innovative and sustainable deodorant products to market. The company has developed an ‘in-store refill’ solution for spray deodorants, which consists of a compressed air-powered can and an easy-to-use refill station.
“We install these stations into drug stores and hypermarkets, so users can fit the refilling process into their existing shopping routine,” said Gergely. “We do not intend to have our own deodorant brand, Respray’s goal is to provide a seamless spray deodorant refilling technology in a white-label business model.”
Respray’s first pilot was launched at the beginning of this year. World Aerosols asked what the feedback has been.
“After the opening in Budaörs, Hungary at the end of January, we often sat down next to the station to talk to customers. It was amazing to see how many people visited...

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