Recycle Aerosol unveils new website

Tennessee, US-based Recycle Aerosol has launched its new website. According to the company, which is based north of Memphis, the new site emphasises its ‘unique market positioning’ as not just a commercial hazardous waste management firm, but a business that recovers all aerosol components.

The new website was created almost entirely in-house, further demonstrating the team’s diverse skills and creativity, according to Recycle Aerosol. In a statement, the company said: “Although our previous website showcased our aerosol recycling technology and capacity as being second-to-none, the new website emphasises our unique market positioning as ‘Aerosol recycling 2.0’.

“The components of this market-leading strategy are rooted in its emphasis on the circular economy. Customers’ aerosol products have been manufactured with care and quality, using valuable ingredients and raw materials. By strategically separating those manufactured components of the ‘unsalable’ aerosols, we extract and realise the greatest value of those components.”

The company added that using this strategy, along with high-volume throughput and capacity, it can pass that economy on to customers in the form of competitive pricing for their uniquely sustainable services.

Gary Okey, executive vice-president of Recycle Aerosol, said: “In the non-empty aerosol recycling space, our competitors are commercial hazardous waste management companies. We are not, because we are more focused on recovering all components. We want anyone who wants to more sustainably and economically recycle aerosols to discover how far we have pushed this envelope.”

Recycle Aerosol has been a leader in the aerosol recycling sector for more than 30 years. The new website seeks to explain the concepts that form the cornerstone of the company’s services; the firm is inviting customers, prospects and other stakeholders to get in touch to find out more.

The company’s co-located reverse logistics sister company is also set to launch a new website in the near future.

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