“Quo Vadis Aerosols?”

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Michal Kubik, business development director and Katarzyna Medwedź, packaging and raw materials specialist at JagoPro Poland, ponder where the aerosol market will go from here.
Thinking about where aerosols as a product group are heading from the perspective of a company that is based on aerosol filling services and the broader development of aerosol and related products, we came to the following conclusions, which we would like to share with World Aerosols' readers. Before that we would like to introduce ourselves.
JagoPro Poland has 30 years of history and experience in aerosol production in Poland. During that time we have observed how the aerosol trends have changed. We have followed our client expectations and met their highest requirements to become a leader not only as a contract filler but also as a partner in implementation and innovation processes. We provide our clients with full support in the entire process starting from development, choosing proper packaging, testing and ending on the production of ready goods. A few words about the future of aerosols according to us:
Changes, changes, changes
We are...

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