Propelling the Russian market

Aerosolex is the first manufacturer in Russia of 99.999% pure dimethyl ether (DME) Propelan. World Aerosols caught up with Dmitry Varshaver to find out more about the propellant, how it is used in aerosols and the company’s plans for 2020.

Could you tell us about yourself and your role at Aerosolex?

I am the business development director and my role encompasses the wide range of key business areas. My first focus is customer relationship management and expanding our customer base. We had started pre-commercialisation before we became operational, so we learned about our customers’ expectations for almost one year and then adjusted our business model to meet the high-level demand of existing and new customers. Another part of business development is related to the extension of high-purity DME Propelan application in existing and new segments, promoting its unique properties within various industries.

We work on adjusting our operations with higher levels of production load, logistics optimisation, financial management of the sales in Russia and abroad, and proposing balanced and competitive offers to our customers,...

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