Procter & Gamble reaches 2020 renewable energy goal

Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble has achieved its 2020 goal of purchasing 100% renewable energy in the US and Canada. The firm exceeded its original goal by extending the purchase of 100% renewable energy to western Europe.

This significant step means Procter & Gamble (P&G) has switched to 100% renewable energy in three major markets, representing over 70% of its purchased electricity in total. P&G’s largest individual contributors to its renewable energy production are its wind farm in Tyler Buff, Texas, which offsets 100% of the electricity required for its fabric and home care facilities in the US and Canada. These facilities produce brands such as Tide, Cascade and Mr Clean. Its onsite combined heat and power biomass facility in Albany, Georgia, provides 100% of the Bounty and Charmin steam requirements at the site.

As well as achieving its renewable energy goal ahead of schedule, P&G is also reducing emissions across its operations through a ‘diverse portfolio’ of renewable energy projects focused on wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and renewable energy certificates.

Virginie Helias, the company’s chief sustainability officer, said: “We are proud of our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and leave the world a better place for generations to come.

“Our primary goal is, and will continue to be, to deliver the superior products our consumers can trust, with the reassurance that behind each P&G product is a supply chain committed to environmental responsibility.”

P&G has already achieved many of its 2020 sustainability targets for energy, water and waste across the globe. The company expects that through new projects and continuing to buy electricity from renewable sources, it can encourage further innovation, investment and a transition to renewables for the regional utilities that provide energy to its 150 sites globally.

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