Pressure BioSciences launch of UST-Processed Nanoemulsified CBD spray for oral use

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Pressure BioSciences Inc (PBI) - a leader in the development and sale of broadly enabling, pressure-based instruments, consumables, and specialty testing services to the worldwide biotechnology, biotherapeutics, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, agrochem, and food/beverage industries - has signed an agreement with Safer Medical of Montana (SMM) for production, distribution, commercial roll-out and financial partnership for a novel, effectively water-soluble, nanoemulsified CBD spray for oral use. SMM's roll-out and distribution plan targets revenues of $3 million or more over the first 12-months post-release. 

Under the agreement, PBI expects to realise more than $1 million in revenues from this $3 million product sales target. This is the first commercial product being produced and marketed that incorporates the company's patented Ultra Shear Technology (UST) platform.

As announced in June 2022, PBI and SMM have collaborated over the past year in the development of a proprietary formulation for this unique product. The companies have now completed formulation development and are securing the necessary approvals for production in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and distribution throughout all of the United States. SMM's initial product will be an oral spray containing 40mg/ml of nanoemulsified CBD. The companies plan to release the new CBD oral spray product to consumers during the third quarter of 2022.

John Hollister, director of Sales and Marketing at PBI, observed: "This SMM agreement launches an exciting new chapter in the evolution of PBI. Building on our deep expertise in the safe applications of high-pressure technology, we are now preparing to release the first product prepared by UST - our truly revolutionary platform technology that shears oil-water emulsions down to extremely low and tightly controlled nano-sized oil droplets. 

“The commercialisation of UST throws open the door to countless applications in diverse multi-billion-dollar markets where effective water-solubility of oil-based active ingredients is critical for optimised bioavailability and absorption - including cannabinoids, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, agrochem, industrial lubricants, paints, and more."

Mr Hollister continued: "The feedback we have received across many sample products created with UST has exceeded all expectations. The application of UST to provide greatly improved delivery and functionality of oil-based active materials and products via nanoemulsification offers enormous potential to translate into a diverse array of major commercial opportunities for our partners and for PBI, while benefiting and redefining product expectations for consumers worldwide."

Captain George Ackerson, founder and CEO of SMM, said: "With this partnership and distribution agreement in place, our mission is now on the successful launch of the nanoemulsified CBD oral spray. This launch includes a key focus on accessing US veterans, a group we believe will benefit greatly from this innovative product. We are reaching out to the Veterans Administration and developing plans to work with the not-for-profit Veteran Seal Team. In addition to direct sales through our website, we are setting up distribution with a network of nurses who specialise in the needs of veterans."

Richard Schumacher, president and CEO of PBI, said: "This first UST commercialisation and partnering agreement with Captain Ackerson and Safer Medical of Montana is a pivotal transition moment in the history of PBI. We are expecting to announce significant additional agreements in the very near future, specifically in markets with an expected quick ramp to revenue, such as cosmetics, agrochem, and nutraceuticals. 

“We also believe that our co-leadership role in the Food Industry Consortium with partner The Ohio State University, whose mission is to introduce the UST platform to food and beverage companies worldwide, will soon result in additional revenue-generating agreements. We expect that the substantial revenue expected from these future agreements will accelerate balance sheet improvements and help finance PBI's operations, investments, growth, and trajectory to profitability before the end of 2023."


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