Precision’s Europe technical services manager to retire

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PRECISION Group’s Europe technical services manager, Olinda Ausset, will be retiring on 31 December.

Ausset joined Precision in 1983, just after she graduated from Orsay University where she studied chemistry. She soon became the head of Precision France’s customer technical service and laboratory before her role recently evolved into Europe technical services manager.

For more than 35 years in the aerosol industry, in France and Europe, and thanks to her extensive knowledge, Ausset helped Precision’s customers to identify the best valve solution, checking the formulation compatibility or fixing another technical issue. Ausset was also a key player in the technical training of the CFA, where she led approximately 50 sessions and trained nearly 700 aerosol professionals over 30 years.

“Olinda is a famous and highly respected figure of our European industry,” said Roberta Sironi, Europe sales director. “Over those years spent in Precision, she brought a huge added value for our customers in assisting them in their technical challenges. On their behalf and in the name of the Europe sales team I would like to warmly thank Olinda for her appreciated contribution.”

Ausset said her years at Precision had been “extraordinarily diversified”, commenting: “Although they were always spent in the technical departments, I had the chance to be constantly confronted with new challenges, for example, and to mention only one, the technical evolution that our industry faced to get rid of CFC propellants about 30 years ago.

“While the challenges ahead still seem exciting, it will now be up to my successor to solve them while I’ll be enjoying my new life of retiree in family.”

As of 1 January, Dominique Hertz will succeed Aurret and take on the role of Europe technical services manager. Hertz, who joined the company in 2007, was previously Europe continuous improvement manager and holds two engineering degrees.

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