Precision announces retirement of ASPAC sales and marketing director

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John Belsey, Asia-Pacific (ASPAC) sales and marketing director at Precision, will retire at the end of August.

Belsey joined Precision in 2009, just after the initial construction phase of Precision’s Thailand facility. Since then, he has been the sales and marketing director of the company’s Thai subsidiary, a key player in actuators, leading commercial development in the Middle East, South East and India.

“The years spent at Precision have been extraordinarily intense,” said Belsey. “Over the years and through my travels to all the countries in the area, I have been able to establish lasting relationships with the various players in the aerosol industry and, with them, carry out some great projects.

“Participating in the development of Precision Thailand was also an exciting mission that I was able to accomplish thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of my colleagues whom I thank warmly. Now I am looking forward to a new challenge: enjoying life and my family every day. I am confident that this new mission will be successful too.”

As of 1 September, Axel Moyse will take over the export sales activity of Precision Thailand as ASPAC export sales manager. Moyse joined the group in 2020 and has already worked one year with Belsey.

Eric Derouin, group sales EVP, added: “In recent years, John has been a real asset in Precision’s sales reorganisation. His experience has been decisive in the training of the new sales teams for South Asia and the Middle East and in the implementation of the new commercial Precision policy in the area.”

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