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Polish aerosol association president shares COVID-19 update

The COVID-19 crisis is “not perceptible” in Poland’s aerosol industry, according to the president of the board of the Polish Association of Aerosol Industry Employers (PZPPA), Krzysztof Piotrowski.

In a recent statement, the PZPPA said that production plants in the country are reporting an increase in product sales. The Polish aerosol sector “spontaneously reacted” to the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland, according to Piotrowski, with plants beginning intensive production of hygiene products and disinfectants.

“Some companies have made their decision about postponing the deadlines for regular orders in favour of products that are in greater demand, imposing a higher margin,” said Piotrowski. “It is worth noting that the aerosol industry in Poland in the current situation has risen to the challenge, because at a time when the demand for disinfectants and hygiene products has increased, the sector has increased production rapidly.”

According to Piotrowski, in the second half of April, producers were returning to regular production in Poland, with the demand for disinfectants falling. He added: “The situation is stabilising. We forecast that disinfectants will remain in the offer of companies associated with the aerosol industry for a long time, but not necessarily as products that play a significant role in this market.

“We assume that products manufactured by the aerosol industry are relatively cheap, but we are also not sure how the crisis will affect consumer behaviour.

“In our country, entrepreneurs in the aerosol industry only have concerns about the possible case of falling ill within a company, which will result in the complete suspension of production during quarantine. If the circumstance were repeated several times in the company, this could affect the number of orders and eventually lead to bankruptcy, but this is obviously the darkest scenario.”

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