Poland’s Aerosol Service wins at ADF Paris with new actuator

Aerosol Service Poland’s ACTUO aerosol actuator has won the Personal Care – Aerosols category at the ADF Paris Awards, which took place at the end of January 2020 in Paris, France.

The actuator, which was developed by the company’s research and development manager Norbert Piotrowski, is for products applied by hand. It fits almost any can size and can be used for a range of products in the form of mousse, foam, cream or gel.

In 2019, the company’s Spray ‘n’ use applicator was nominated for an award at the ADF event. The win this year for the ACTUO product is a reward for the company’s hard work and innovation.

Commenting on the award, CEO Damian Piotrowski said: “And it happened! Our goal has been achieved and we are delighted with how much attention ACTUO attracted from many of our current and hopefully future partners during the event.

“We will now focus on industrialising the concept with brand owners and prepare some new ideas for the next edition of the ADF. Creating new products and dispensing devices clearly is a valuable addition to our contract manufacturing and aluminium can making services.”

ACTUO is the first aerosol actuator that can be easily operated using just one hand, keeping the aerosol can in a stable, upright position. Removing the need for grip ensures cleanliness even with coloured formulas, such as colouring foams and tanning lotions.

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