Petcore Europe develops initiatives to support plastic aerosol recycling

The association, which represents the complete PET value chain in Europe, raises awareness of plastic aerosol recycling.

Industry players in the aerosols market are preparing for a potential regulation extension in 2020, as the Aerosol Dispenser Directive (ADD) may allow plastic aerosols above 220 ml to enter the European marketplace.

A group initiative

Ahead of this possible expansion, in collaboration with FEA, the European Aerosol Federation, Petcore Europe established its new Plastic Aerosol Recycling Special Industry Group (SiG) in February 2018.

Its aim is to prepare businesses for the likelihood that the ADD is expected to lead to a market increase of plastic aerosols. Subsequently, greater amounts of plastic aerosols will need to be recycled.

As a result, the industry as a whole is exploring innovative and proactive ways to recycle PET products away from the total “household packaging waste stream”, Petcore Europe revealed in a press release.

Upcoming directive

Explaining why this update to the Directive is apt in today’s plastic aerosol industry, chairman Johannes Burghaus noted: "Currently, the capacity is restricted due to the fact that the ADD was written in a time when only brittle plastics were available. This led to the approach to treat plastics the same way as coated glass containers.”

"With PET we have today an ideal plastic aerosol material at hand. That is why FEA, the European Aerosol Federation, started an approach to change the ADD and allow plastic aerosols beyond 220 ml capacity,” Burghaus went on to say.

To communicate the importance of implementing measures ahead of 2020, Alain D'haese, FEA Secretary General, emphasised: "FEA members will benefit from an effective and efficient recycling of plastic aerosols, supported by consumers. Moving towards a circular approach can only be achieved through joint action by all stakeholders from the value chain. FEA will support Petcore delivering tangible results."

Latest PET industry updates

Petcore Europe has teamed up with market intelligence company, ICIS Consulting, which specialises in petrochemicals, fertilisers and energy markets. The new partnership will see the two companies analyse the PET recycling business for the annual PET Collection and Recycling Study 2017.

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