Perfektüp’s new Turkey facility nears completion

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The construction of aluminium tube producer Perfektüp’s Kırklareli, Turkey production base, which aims to increase its business volume, production capacity, and operational capabilities, is nearing completion, according to the company.
On the 75,000-m2 plot, 100,000 m2 of closed area will be constructed.
Production will begin in June 2024 with the installation of the first aerosol line.
The use of environmentally friendly materials is at the forefront of the construction process, according to the firm. Once completed, the facility will be internationally certified as a LEED green building.
Designed in harmony with nature and based on a zero-waste principle, some of the sustainability features of the facility include the fact that waste gases generated during production will be treated to minimise their environmental impact before being released into the atmosphere.
Similarly, waste and outage of aluminum used in production will be compressed and sent for recycling.
Water used in sinks and showers will be purified within the factory and reused.
Rainwater collected on the facility’s roof will be stored for purposes such as irrigation of green areas and use in case of fire.
The facility’s roof will host a solar energy system to generate its energy.
Water used in production will be treated within the factory and reused.
Other waste will be sorted (metal, plastic, and paper) and sent for recycling, said the firm.


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