Nottingham manufacturing firm’s 100% recycling scheme includes aerosol cans

Precast concrete pile manufacturer Centrum Pile has announced it now recycles 100% of waste generated on its site in Nottinghamshire in the UK.

Aerosol cans, scrap metal, concrete, electrical equipment, waste oil and waste oil containers, batteries, oil rags, fuel filters, cardboard, plastic, paper, tin and wood are all waste streams in the business that will be recycled.

Centrum Pile even recycles the rainwater harvested from the roof of its concrete curing chamber to use in its batching plants.

Waste management company Biffa will divert all of the company’s general waste from landfill using its specialist waste processing facilities.

Centrum Pile previously announced a corporate partnership with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (NWT), one of the UK’s leading conservation charities. In a statement released at the time, NWT said: “It is heartening that Centrum Pile recognises the importance of investing in and protecting their local environment and will be working with our conservation team to improve their site in Newark for wildlife.”

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