Nivea female deodorant range gets a new packaging look

Leading personal care and deodorant name, Nivea, receives a revamp.

Beiersdorf, which owns the Nivea brand, teamed up with Luxembourg-based Ardagh Group to create its newly-envisioned aerosol can.

Skin care company, Beiersdorf, conceptualised the design for Nivea’s female range of deodorants, while packaging solutions provider, Ardagh Group manufactured the new aluminium deodorant can design.

The global name, synonymous with deodorants and personal care, will now feature a taller, contemporary-shaped aluminium aerosol can, created with the modern consumer and retail landscape in mind.

Three years in the making

Nivea’s owners, Beiersdorf, has spent the past three years brainstorming, crafting and overseeing the new packaging design plans.

The German body care brand has adopted and orchestrated a comprehensive branding and process strategy to ensure the end-product satisfies both technical industry requirements and appeals to customer expectations.

Ardagh utilised its specialist aerosol plant located in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. The packaging leader used its two multiple stage necking system and through implemented design innovation to craft the new can.

Towering above

Nivea pre-released its design to engage in comprehensive market research and gather customer feedback.

The new design, which stands 9mm taller than its previous model, received a warm welcome with positive consumer responses during its European launch, Nivea revealed in a recent press release. The brand hopes that its increased height will maximise its presence on shelves.

“With our long-standing customer, Beiersdorf, we investigated various technologies at the cutting edge of aerosol can production,” explained Bernhard Meier, Commercial Director at Ardagh’s metal division.

“As a result, we believe we have set new standards for high quality metal packaging for today’s consumer.”

Commenting on the key considerations when producing Nivea’s latest packaging vision, Klaus-Peter Stange, Global Packaging Research and Development, Beiersdorf, said: “Finding an optimum production solution for this sleek new design was crucial and we are very pleased with the outcome of what has been a very complex but rewarding project.”

Environmental stamp of approval

In July 2018, Ardagh Group announced it had achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification at its glass facility located in Dolton, US.

The global standard recognises exemplary environmental business management, representing Ardagh’s efforts to emphasise their compliance with laws and regulations and commitment to reducing its impact on the environment.

Beiersdorf places considerable emphasis on its sustainability initiatives, which places care at the forefront of their activities and focuses on products, the planet and people.

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