New vs adapted technology

Digital packaging decoration: specifically developed technology or adaptation of an existing one?

We live in a dynamic world where constant change is the norm. This reality requires continuous technological innovations to enable it. In many aspects of our lives, digital solutions answer this growing need, replacing lengthy, cumbersome processes with agile, quicker and cost-efficient methods. Packaging decoration for rigid cylindrical containers is no different.

Digital decoration solutions have only recently begun showing up in this mature, analogue-dominated world. However, as a relatively new domain, an interesting question arises in terms of the right approach to developing a digital direct-to- shape (DTS) decoration technology for cylindrical packaging: is it better to use an existing printing technology platform and adapt it to digital DTS application, or is it better to start from scratch and develop a totally new technology?

On first thought, it makes sense to take an existing analogue printing platform and simply integrate it with digital printheads. After all, the platform is already well-established, has...

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