New pharma aerosol, dispensing company RxPack enters market

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A new spray packaging solutions company for pharmaceutical applications has entered the market.

RxPack, established by LINDAL Group and Coster, will tap into growth opportunities in the regulated and non-regulated pharmaceutical sectors.

The new company will include the complementary product lines by Lindal and Coster for spray packaging solutions. RxPack (pronounced R-x-Pack) will be among the only suppliers that offer pulmonary inhalation devices such as aerosol MDIs and nasal pumps, as well as other aerosol and dispensing solutions for the pharmaceutical sectors.

RxPack’s packaging solutions offering will be supplemented with the corresponding aerosol filling machinery for the sector, forming a ‘distinctive and highly competitive’ product portfolio, according to the firm.

Outside of RxPack, Lindal and Coster remain competitors in several areas of the industry. The two firms will continue to focus on their core businesses, serving customers in the personal care, home care, technical and industrial sectors.

"Our goal is to create a new strong player in the field of packaging solutions for pharmaceutical applications," said Martina Segatta, chair of the board and majority shareholder of Coster.

"RxPack has the expertise, products, and financial strength to provide our pharmaceutical customers with innovative solutions that significantly improve the health and lives of sick people.

"With RxPack, we create a powerful setup dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector that will enable us to serve this mission excellently and make the most of the opportunities in this sector."

The firm will operate from Oggiono, north of Milan in Italy, from Lindal’s current pharmaceutical products facility. Operations will start with around 60 employees, most of whom are transferring from Lindal and all of whom have experience in the pharmaceutical sector. RxPack will also hire additional industry experts to further strengthen the organisation.

Katharina Lilienthal, chairwoman of the board of Lindal and representative of the Lindal shareholder family, commented: “RxPack is being established to take our pharmaceutical business to the next level and to create momentum in the pharmaceutical packaging sector.

“With its distinctive product portfolio and its strong financial resources, RxPack is ideally positioned to grow in the non-regulated sector and to enter the highly attractive regulated sector.”

An initial €4 million has been allocated to upgrade and extend clean room manufacturing capabilities. Further investments are planned to drive innovation and growth.

It is expected to enter business by the end of the year, after approval from the relevant authorities. Lindal and Coster will each have an equal share of RxPack.

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