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Keiichi Motoo, managing director at Japanese firm Mitani Valve, discusses its new actuator, COVID-19, and its unique online presence.

Could you tell our readers about yourself and your role at Mitani Valve?

I have been working with Mitani Valve ever since I graduated college 17 years ago. I have worked in research and development (R&D), international sales, as a sales representative in Thailand, and now I am working as managing director of Mitani Europe in Germany.

Mitani has been in the aerosol industry for 64 years. The company has had up and downs, but the biggest was the 2012 Thailand flood which left our factory underwater for more than a month. It took a long time to recover the factory and move to a safe place, and sadly customers that left Mitani did not come back. We understand their reasons for leaving and that it is not easy to simply switch back to Mitani. Therefore, we are putting powers into our products which will be covered on our new website, Mitani Jam, hoping to win old and new customers by developing innovative, functional, and quality products.

I am...

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