New baggage screening technology keeps aerosols, laptops in luggage

A new streamlined baggage screening trial at Perth Airport in Australia will remove the need for passengers to remove laptops and aerosols from bags, the airport has announced.

The trial will use a new body scanner and CT X-ray machine for screening carry-on bags, which is hoped will improve the efficiency of the screening process and detection levels.

The new equipment is set to begin a testing phase at Perth Airport’s T1 Domestic terminal in May, after which it will be rolled out across the other airport terminals.

“This new equipment is state of the art and we are keen to trial it now to make sure we are fully prepared for its complete roll out in the future,” said Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown. “Our top priority is to ensure the safety and security of our passengers and their loved ones who come to the airport to see them off. But the added bonus is that it will soon be easier to move through the security screening points.

“Most travellers these days have a laptop or tablet device which they must remove from their luggage for screening. Many travellers also carry aerosol cans such as shaving foam which must also be scanned separately. The new system will allow passengers to leave these items in their hand luggage, making for a more streamlined process and less hassle for passengers.”

In addition to a new body scanner that is able to detect all foreign matter carried by a person to within a millimetre of their skin, a 920CT X-ray machine will use 3D technology to improve detection of suspect items in carry-on luggage.

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