New aerosol foaming crafts spray launched in US

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DAP, a manufacturer and supplier of sealants, foam, adhesives, caulks, and patch and repair products, has launched a new aerosol product for arts and crafts enthusiasts.

The new product, Craft Foam, is a spray foam designed for arts and crafts projects that can be carved, shaped, sanded, and painted.

“DAP Craft Foam is easy to use, multi-purpose, and extremely functional, allowing users to create items at a fraction of the cost of their ready-made counterparts,” said DAP senior product manager Kevin Corcoran.

The bright white foam expands to double its initial size when sprayed and cures to a hard, rigid surface that can be easily manipulated. It dries within 10 minutes and can be cut within one hour.

Craft Foam is suited to a variety of DIY crafts and projects, such as artificial plants and flower arrangements, seasonal décor, faux coral for aquariums, model train scenery, and carving and creating props for school plays and performances. It can also be used to create DIY packing material, as it can form to the shape of delicate or breakable items to protect them during shipping.

The product comes in a 12-ounce aerosol spray can and includes a stop and start adapter, as well as an additional straw that provides users up to six weeks of reuse for multiple projects and less waste.

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