New aerosol filling line enables Emissco to meet growing demand

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Emissco, a full-service aerosol and liquid product manufacturing company based in Staffordshire in the UK, has launched a new automated filling line.
The new high-capacity aerosol line, worth £200,000 (€232.6k), enables Emissco to scale production according to customer demand. Its overall capacity is now over 16 million cans per year.
Emissco was founded as a start-up just over four years ago. Since then, it has experienced immense success, winning major contracts both nationally and internationally.
With customers in Europe, the Middle East and potential in the US, the new high-capacity aerosol line will allow the company to meet growing demands while maintaining its commitment to providing market-leading solvents, greases and water-based solutions.
The inclusion of multiple gassing heads and an automated valve applicator on the new line provides Emissco with the flexibility to meet market demand and minimise lead times, providing an even more responsive and effective service.
These features allow for an additional output of over eight million cans per year. This significant expansion forms part of the business’s robust growth plans, and more investments are expected in the future.
“With a total equipment value of £200,000, our new high-capacity aerosol line is taking our business to the next level," said Wayne Johnson, operations director at Emissco.
"This investment means we can offer our customers more, and faster than ever before. We’re excited to bring this new line into operation and look forward to delivering market-leading solutions to customers around the world.”

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