Moulding your ideas into profitability

Gopal Nemlekar, CEO of Indian aerosol caps and seals producer Media Manoeuvre, shares his experiences in coping with the COVID-19 crisis as a business.

2020, a year that dawned as a harbinger of doom, jolted all of us from our comfort zones. The pandemic and the resultant lockdowns negatively impacted businesses on an unprecedented scale. Sudden changes in the traditional demands, coupled with the affected production capabilities caused by the interruption in labour and material supply, affected the cash flows of most businesses. The obvious reaction to fight it was drastic cost-cutting. As a result, many companies had to axe thousands of jobs, shut down departments, and haggle with suppliers for every last dollar they could reduce. The question to ask was, were these efforts going in the right direction or were we barking up the wrong tree with our knee-jerk reaction? I would like to share my experiences and learnings with you during this challenging period. In the May/June 2020 issue of World Aerosols, I mentioned that Media Manoeuvre’s approach was to ‘plan well for what you expect to happen, but also be flexible to face the...

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