LyondellBasell collaborates with CORADIN and Dermalogica for PCR dispenser

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LyondellBasell has collaborated with CORADIN and Dermalogica to create a more sustainable solution for the GREENIS® Dispenser, leveraging its innovative CirculenRecover solution for the award-winning packaging.
To accomplish this, CORADIN and Dermalogica teamed up with LYB to select the best Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) for this demanding cosmetics application, which required both functionality and aesthetics.
LYB provided a high-quality solution with its CirculenRecover polypropylene (PP) polymer made from plastic waste through a mechanical recycling process.
This solution achieved an optimal balance of performance, aesthetics and recycled content.
The new Greenis® Dispenser, made with over 75% PCR, received numerous awards, including the World Star Winner 2024 Award in the Health & Personal Care category, for its recyclability, sustainability, ergonomics, and waste reduction qualities.
“The GREENIS® Dispenser shows how recycled material can replace conventional fossil-based feedstock, improving circularity and environmental performance for the packaging industry,” said Paula Sanabria, senior director, marketing & commercial development, circular and low carbon solutions at LYB.
“We are happy to contribute to new recycled products that support a lower greenhouse gas footprint while helping improve consumer experience with product ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics and lighter weight."

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