Lindal Spain celebrates 10th anniversary

Aerosol firm Lindal's Spanish division is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Lindal’s Barcelona-based office was launched in 2009 with a mission to introduce the firm into the Spanish market. According to the company, making its mark in Spain was challenging.

Carlos Martinez, managing director of Lindal Spain, said: “Our principal aim was to establish ourselves as a dominant force in Spain’s aerosol dispensing market and to enable us to become a key resource on a local and regional level. Making our mark was a challenge as we were, at the same time, setting up new admin, human resources and finance departments.”

Despite teething problems, Lindal Spain has gone on to triple its initial turnover. According to Lindal, the company’s successes have been achieved “amidst a climate of increased competition” and are due to commitment to innovation and delivering a “strong service” to customers.

Today, Lindal Spain is seeking to become a leader in the domestic homecare, cosmetic and technical markets, which the Lindal Group operates in globally. Martinez added: “We’ve always strived for fluid communication and co-operation with our customers, as we believe it enhances our entire value chain to deliver a superior product to the end consumer. It’s a mindset that helps us to keep on listening, and to keep adjusting.

“What is really special about the last 10 years is the continuous commitment from every member of staff. Yes, there was a plan that we had to execute, but essentially, it is the perseverance and dedication of our people that has proved the real catalyst for Lindal Spain.”

To celebrate, Lindal hosted an anniversary party at Espacio Blanc, Barcelona, where over 60 staff and customers attended from across Spain.

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