LINDAL receives FEA Award for PU foam gun

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LINDAL Group was recognised in the 2021 FEA Global Awards for its PU foam gun, the Added Value Gun (AVG).

Winning the ‘Prototype’ category, the AVG was noted for its unique performance and sustainability features by the judges.

A fluid dispensing gun for one-component polyurethane foam, the AVG is a new patented device designed for use with industrial and home insulation tasks. It addresses longstanding end-user challenges of extensive foam curing time, lack of reusability, complexity of use and poor adhesion related to traditional PU foam applicators.

Kashif Choudhry, LINDAL’s group marketing manager, commented: “We are delighted that our PU foam gun and high delivery valve manufacturing experts have been recognised for their exceptional efforts in developing the AVG.

“We believe its wealth of benefits make it a high-level disruptor within the PU foam market with the potential to attract new end-users.”

The AVG uses a dual-barrel to operate a single trigger which first dispenses an additive/water to lightly moisturise the surface, followed by the PU foam. This pre-treatment method significantly decreases foam curing time compared to existing 1k gun applicators and produces a finer cell structure, improving the foam’s insulation properties.

The extended life-cycle of the AVG results in less waste produced over time than many existing PU foam applicators, which are not reusable. Additionally, the use of compressed air through LINDAL’s bag-on-valve technology used to dispense the additive reduces the production of harmful VOCs.

Commenting on the AVG, FEA judges said: “LINDAL’s Added Value Gun is a game-changer. It improves performance and sustainability credentials compared to existing PU foam applications.

“Buildings are one of the largest sources of energy consumption in Europe, responsible for over a third of the EU’s CO2 emissions, so this innovation addresses a key societal challenge.”

Choudhry concluded: “The scope and possibility with the AVG is far-reaching and we are excited for its future. It is a fitting time to pick up this award as we look forward to that future and the AVG’s official launch in 2022.”

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