LINDAL invests in BOV production expansion

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LINDAL Group has invested in new bag-on-valve (BOV) manufacturing lines in Europe and North America, substantially increasing capacity to meet growing customer demand, globally.
With BOV production capabilities installed in Briey, France and Columbus, United States of America, the aerosol dispensing specialist offers attractive lead times on a global scale, it said.
As a front-runner in barrier pack technology, LINDAL established a firm commitment to the technology in 2018 when it opened its BOV Application Lab where a diversity of packaging, engineering and formulation experts provide accessible project management expertise, R&D services and technical guidance on BOV technology.
Customers can test protocols, acquire same-day workable samples, and advance product specifications.
Head of sales at LINDAL France, Pierre-Louis Sigaut, said: “The popularity of the lab not only reveals the high value customers place on our in-house BOV expertise, but it also demonstrates a clear appreciation of the technology’s many benefits. The new investment is the latest development representing our commitment to BOV and serving our global customers.”
LINDAL added that the barrier pack technology will remain a widely adopted dispensing solution, especially for post-foam products like shower gel and shaving foam.
It has also become widely adopted in the growing edible oil market where LINDAL’s BOV are used by the most popular brands.
BOV’s inherent product and propellant separation preserve the product’s integrity, making it valuable for formulations incompatible with aerosol propellants, and for those products that require an extended life span.
Powered by compressed air and offering 360° usability, BOV also delivers significant sustainability advantages and a rewarding consumer experience, according to LINDAL.
Sales director at LINDAL North America, Rick Fowich, commented: “Our increased capacity provides customers with even greater flexibility on lead times. This allows them to respond positively to their own customers whose ability to be flexible is often key to winning new business.”

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