LINDAL Group extends BoV support for high-viscous products

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LINDAL Group’s barrier pack application lab now offers full support for high-viscous product formulations.

The company’s barrier pack application laboratory was launched in January 2018 and has now become a knowledge and product development hub, where customers launching new bag-on-valve (BoV) products can obtain product samples, develop specifications and test protocols, conduct compatibility studies, and learn more about the advantages of barrier packaging systems.

Similar services are now available for high-viscous products to support growing market needs. This will be a valuable resource for customers throughout the launch cycle of barrier pack systems designed to dispense high-viscous products such as glues, lubricants, silicones, and food, which represent a ‘real challenge’ when packaged in an aerosol format, according to the firm.

Lindal’s LinRoc® technology is already established. The piston-in-can system specifically developed for high-viscous formulations such as sealants works with either liquefied or compressed gas. A double piston is used to separate the container into two different compartments, allowing a product to be stored separately from the propellant.

LinRoc also benefits from a fast filling speed, which is completed before the valve placement during assembly. Many configurations are available with LinRoc, offering flexibility when selecting lever types, can size, spreaders, and caps.

Lindal also offers a new technology dedicated to viscous formulations called bag-on-can (BoC). BoC is a bag welded on to an open aperture or collar that sits on the can opening, and not directly onto the valve.

The BoC can be filled through the collar before crimping the valve to the can. In this case, the collar acts as a gasket, sealing the barrier pack to both the valve and the can. BoCs are used with Lindal’s high delivery valves to dispense viscous formulations that were previously difficult or even impossible to dispense via conventional aerosol packs.

“We are very excited to build upon our existing BoV application lab to offer support specifically for high-viscous products,” said Kashif Choudhry, Lindal Group marketing manager.

“We see these products as key differentiated solutions within our portfolio that offer many benefits to our customers. This commitment allows us to provide further support to our customers and aligns with our vision of being an innovation partner.”

Lindal’s high-viscous product experts have already seen the new capabilities pay dividends for one of its customers. CX80 Polska, which manufactures silicones, professional adhesives, greases, and specialised lubricants, sought to create a modern, secure, and fully functioning packaging solution for its silicone products.

The company’s objectives were to make the product highly convenient and position the brand as a valuable alternative for similar products. CX80 turned to Lindal for support and opted for its LinRoc system, which has a 96-98% evacuation rate, following successful trials.

Dariusz Nadera, owner of CX80, said: “Lindal accompanied CX80 Polska throughout the whole process as a partner, facilitating in-depth training sessions, providing services and a ‘hands-on’ attitude. Whenever critical situations appeared, we could always rely on Lindal’s technical knowhow and expertise to provide the best solution.”

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