Lindal Group and DuPont win joint award at ADF & PCD New York

Aerosol and dispensing firm Lindal Group has picked up a joint award with chemical company, DuPont, at the ADF & PCD New York Packaging Innovation Awards.

The winning product in the Technical Application category was the GREAT STUFFTM SMART DISPENSERTM, the world’s first polyurethane foam dispenser with an automatic tip seal to reduce product cure. The technology enables the product to be used for up to 30 days. The award was presented at ADF & PCD New York, which took place at The Altman Building in Manhattan on 17-18 September.

Kashif Choudhry, global marketing manager at Lindal, said: “We are thrilled to receive the award with Performance Building Solutions. It’s testament to both the ingenuity of the product and the results that can be achieved with successful collaboration.”

According to Lindal, the product provides improved user control ‘for more accurate dispensing and reduced messiness’ thanks to the automatic seal and a simple pull to start and release to stop action. It is made from lightweight materials and ergonomic injection-moulded components.

“Having listened to the feedback from customers, we were confident our design had tackled the two major issues of messiness and lack of re-use,” said John Deleeuw, business external manufacturing leader of DuPont Performance Building Solutions. “From there, we needed to find a team with expertise in manufacturing and assembly processes. We value Lindal’s knowledge and experience and believe their involvement was vital in turning our concept into a reality.”


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