LINDAL celebrates FEA award win for sustainable applicator

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LINDAL said it was delighted to be celebrating industry success with international home improvement company, Kingfisher, following a win at the FEA Global Aerosol Awards for a co-developed sustainable applicator on 12 October.
The applicator came top of the Product Design 2022 category last month, thanks to its sustainability benefits, flexibility with multiple products and ease of use.
FEA judges said: “This bespoke applicator offers a reusable solution to consumers challenging their habits. Beyond reducing waste, the bespoke applicator supports brand fidelity across different sealant products while facilitating their application and improving users’ experience.”
Kingfisher originally approached our high-delivery valve and gun manufacturers, Altachem with the aim of creating a sustainable applicator that reduced waste production. The team began by facilitating a series of workshops to achieve a comprehensive understanding of Kingfisher’s product objectives and key requirements. Before arriving at the final design, the teams put their heads together to generate ideas which were converted into 3D samples. The applicator was then tested, validated and consumer insight gained before full scale production and market launch at the beginning of 2022.
The resulting three-part applicator was ultimately designed as a standalone product that would be sold separately. It comprises of a nozzle on the side of the can which attaches to a LINDAL high delivery valve, before screwing onto the can ready for use. Compatible with a number of different Kingfisher brands and sealant products, it offers a valuable alternative to traditional one-time use applicators.
Not only does it reduce waste, but the applicator is also advantageous for non-professional home improvers who benefit from its usability features. Both intuitive and ergonomic, it can be used in several different home improvement scenarios.
Highlighting the success of the collaboration with LINDAL, Louise Gordon, Kingfisher product sourcing manager commented: “The team at LINDAL listened to our key requirements and we worked together to come up with a sustainable solution that we believe will be extremely beneficial for consumers.”
Jean-Marie Poppe, managing director of Altachem noted that the collaboration was a "great example" of how they work with key customers to produce new innovations. He said: “We think that this new product has some great sustainability qualities, and we look forward to hearing more on its future success.”

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